Your requirements – your cloud.

Use our form manager as an individual enterprise solution. We offer you three cloud services, tailored to a range of different requirements.

Formcentric Cloud

As a cloud service, our form manager offers you advantages like flexibility and scalability. This is particularly interesting for midsized enterprises and start-ups, as it means that Formcentric Cloud is ready to go out of the box, so you can start sharing data with customers and partners immediately. Thanks to automatic software updates, the cloud always runs the latest version. You can also adjust the look of your forms to meet your own requirements.

As an enterprise solution, Formcentric always stores your data and forms securely and exclusively in data centres located in Germany

Hybrid Cloud

Healthcare is an example of a sector where higher standards of data protection apply due to legal or compliance reasons. To maintain full control of your data, you can run Formcentric as a hybrid cloud solution. Formcentric Analytics 4.0 will be installed on your own server, for centralised storage of your form submissions.

You can then run real-time analysis on your data, with the aim of optimising your forms, for example. This allows you to fulfil the stricter protection requirements applicable to your company without compromising on the convenience offered by running the software as a cloud service.

Private Cloud

Customer-specific requirements need a cloud solution that offers complete flexibility. Companies like energy suppliers or insurers often deploy highly specialised systems for their data processing needs. When you pick the Private Cloud solution, we run your form manager as a dedicated server. You have full access and can therefore integrate Formcentric with your third-party systems.

With a Private Cloud solution, you can also use our API to make customer-specific modifications. This transforms our modern online form manager into a bespoke enterprise solution for driving high-performance process design.


Do you have any questions about our wide range of Formcentric Cloud products or would you like to stay informed about the latest developments and features? Do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to provide you with answers and detailed information at any time.