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Formcentric is a builder, designer and manager all in one. Design thoughtful forms that keep your data moving and your business moving forward.

Easy editing of forms
Inuitive user interface

Our powerful and easy-to-use editor lets you create one-page or multi-page forms with just a few clicks. Use standard elements like input fields, drop-down lists or single choice fields to design your form. Also benefit from the wide choice of predefined form elements with preconfigured key settings. And if you need to go back and re-plan your form, you can simply move the individual elements or even pages around using drag and drop. The form tree lets you keep an eye on form structure while you’re working. Making it easy to create online forms to your exact requirements.

Real-time validation
Real-time validation

Save your users the job of having to hunt down errors in their input. Real-time validation on the headless server lets you validate form fields as they are being filled out. These errors are flagged for users immediately. As they are still working on the form, users can correct their mistakes quickly. This makes it easier for users to complete the form while ensuring you get high-quality data. And incorrect form input becomes a thing of the past.

Help with filling out forms
Dynamic forms

Dynamic forms respond to the answers given and can hide fields or even whole pages based on this input. This ensures that your users only ever see relevant content, which helps them finish the form faster. It’s our user-focused approach.

Email routing Formcentric
Email routing

With input-triggered email routing, you can forward the data collected by Formcentric to exactly the right recipient for subsequent processing or analysis. This accelerates downstream processes while reducing the waiting time for your users.

Evaluation of online form data
Data analysis

Stay up-to-date with all of your form submissions and the data that has been collected by your forms. Process your submissions efficiently by filtering your data and using submission statuses to map out your own workflow. Looking to further improve the performance of your forms? Then take a look at the analytics options in the Advanced Version.

Double Opt-in

Use the double opt-in approach to gaining consent for your online marketing. When users want to sign up for a newsletter, for example, they will receive a confirmation mail after submitting the form, which they then use to confirm the subscription. This procedure ensures that users have given their express permission to receive your newsletter. So you can avoid problems with consumer protection or the law.

Create multi-page online forms
Multi-page forms

Digitalise even your most complex registration or application processes by grouping your input fields into sections on multiple pages. This makes the forms much easier to fill out for users, helping to reduce your bounce rate while improving your conversion figures.

Formcentric File Upload
File upload

Create forms with an upload option for assets like documents, images or videos. This gives your users a secure way to upload their own files. This data is then immediately available for further processing in the data area.

Calculation of form values
Calculated values

Fields can make calculations using the values entered and then update the form dynamically as appropriate. This allows you to show your users figures like quantities, time periods or prices based on their input. All the heavy lifting is done by the form.

Formcentric Media

You can use a wide range of files in your forms. You can present your users with images as selection options or provide them with a PDF download.

Stay informed

Formcentric is available in three different products. We will answer your questions about the product at any time.