Digital processes and EU GDPR conformity

Formcentric and CoreMedia GDPR-compliant

Here we have an interesting presentation from our colleague Oliver Lehman-Korn for everyone who wants to know more about the CoreMedia addon for GDPR-compliant online forms. In this talk, given to the CoreMedia User Group at the end of last year, Oliver introduces the latest Formcentric integration (formerly Monday Webforms) for CM11.

What’s the focus?

Oliver uses a live demo of CoreMedia to show how Formcentric can create forms that conform to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In one example, he demonstrates how the level of transparency for users that is required by the GDPR can be achieved by adding text snippets or documents directly into the form itself. Oliver also offers tips about which kinds of data should and should not be collected. All of this is presented using our revamped Editor from the new Studio integration in CM11. This not only incorporates a new, modern and clearly laid out design, but also features a large number of improvements that aim to make form creation even more intuitive – including tooltips, predefined form elements and a form tree that provides an easy way to keep track of the structure of your form.

Oliver also goes through the steps for using double opt-in and how to make changes to Formcentric settings within Studio. One of these involves deactivating form elements if not needed – which makes it possible to simplify the interface for form authors depending on the context.

Oliver also reviews the functionality offered by Formcentric Analytics in relation to various data protection standards, demonstrating options for keeping automated processing for collected data legally compliant and adding personal data fields that conform to data protection safeguards.

He also introduces a new feature that makes it possible to anonymise form data in line with various criteria. You’ll also find out how retention periods can be applied to ensure the automated deletion of data and keep your data processing on the right side of the law. This means you can have stored data deleted automatically after the specified retention period without having to do this manually.

Look forward to an informative presentation that shows you how the features offered by Formcentric take the hard work out of managing the challenges set by the GDPR:

Video GDPR compliance with Formcentric

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