Better form Data evaluation with Analytics 4.0

Form Data evaluation

Creating online forms is simple and straightforward with the Formcentric for CoreMedia and Formcentric for FirstSpirit form managers. And with the new Formcentric Analytics 4.0 you can manage and report on the data you collect even more effectively. Get insights into user behaviour and find out how you can further optimise your forms.

Better data analysis with Analytics 4.0

The new Formcentric Analytics 4.0 for CoreMedia and FirstSpirit is the key to achieving optimised forms and even more effective digital business processes. The product offers you a wide variety of filter and search features, and is also quick and easy to use. Organise the data you have collected, and analyse this data quickly and simply. With the help of Analytics 4.0, you can analyse click rates, conversion rates and bounce rates for your forms, for example, so as to identify and utilise potential areas for improvement. Many filters are provided to let you sort your records according to various aspects and create reports more easily. You can segment relevant data by topic – such as by region or subject area, for example.

In redesigning our data analysis tool, we have reworked it specifically with Formcentric for CoreMedia 11 and Formcentric for FirstSpirit in mind, with the aim of boosting performance. With Formcentric, you save the data submitted within your individually chosen infrastructure, so as to segment this data with Analytics 4.0, run analyses and then (after obtaining consent from your users) forward it for downstream processing. Data can of course be anonymised or erased automatically after the expiry of a specified retention period.

The optimised statistics area now provides you with information about your forms in real time. Access visualisations in the form of diagrams and metrics, and compare different versions of your forms with one another to assess effectiveness. This lets you assess the efficiency of promotions, perform targeted process optimisations and easily achieve greater usability.

Analytics 4.0 also features a full-text search (Solr) that helps you to stay compliant with EU GDPR regulations. When combined with the comprehensive filter options offered, the search also ensures an overall increase in performance.

To support existing Analytics installations, we provide Analytics 4.0 as a web application archive (WAR file) and now also as a Java archive (JAR file), each of which contains all of the application components. As a result, Analytics 4.0 meets modern infrastructure requirements while offering improved monitoring management.

Analytics 4.0 will soon be available for Formcentric Cloud. New product features are also now in development. Please contact us if you have any questions about this product.

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