Out now: Formcentric for CoreMedia 11

Formcentric available for CoreMedia 11

The latest version of CoreMedia Content Cloud introduces plenty of new features and improvements to existing functions. Letting you create and publish your content even more quickly and efficiently. Formcentric for CoreMedia now also gives you full access to our form manager for CoreMedia 11. One recent highlight is the redesigned Editor, with its modern and intuitive user interface.

Out now: Formcentric for CoreMedia 11

Formcentric for CoreMedia lets you get started with our form builder for CoreMedia Studio, which we have redesigned from scratch. Operating seamlessly as part of your familiar CoreMedia 11 editing environment, the new-look Editor features a modern and intuitive user interface. Our developers have also incorporated a lot of customer feedback in this new release.

Focus on usability – the new Editor

Formcentric appears in the Forms area in CoreMedia 11 Studio. Just click Edit form to open the Editor on a new tab. As you will see, the Editor has been completely reworked in this new version. Many small improvements plus an optimised user interface now make your form creation workflows easier. Preconfigured modules also save you time when creating forms and let you start using them immediately. We have optimised features like real-time validation to make sure that your form editing work gets off to a flying start.

We’ve also made general improvements to Formcentric, too: CoreMedia and Formcentric are now more tightly integrated, which makes updates more predictable while increasing release cycle stability. And security is, as always, a major part of Formcentric for CoreMedia: Formcentric is ISO 27001-certified, GDPR-compliant and developed exclusively in Germany – both now and in the future.

Try it out for yourself

Formcentric for CoreMedia is now available. If you have any questions about CoreMedia 11 and Formcentric, please email us at

Stay informed

Formcentric is available in three different products. We will answer your questions about the product at any time.