New: Formcentric 7 for FirstSpirit

Formcentric for FirstSpirit

With Formcentric for FirstSpirit, you now have a completely redesigned form editor at your fingertips that offers you a clear-cut, modern user interface. A wide range of improvements plus contextual help in the Editor assist you in your workflow as you create your interactive online forms.

Formcentric for FirstSpirit

Formcentric for FirstSpirit - formerly known as Monday Webforms - can be used with version 7 as part of your familiar editorial environment in ContentCreator.

Simply click ‘Formcentric’ to open the Editor. Many improvements plus an optimised user interface now make your form creation workflows easier. Preconfigured modules are provided, so you can save time creating forms and start using them immediately. We have also optimised features like real-time validation to make sure that your form editing work gets off to a flying start.

And we’ve made some general improvements to Formcentric, too: FirstSpirit and Formcentric are now more tightly integrated, which makes updates more predictable while increasing release cycle stability. Security is, as always, a major part of Formcentric for FirstSpirit: Formcentric is ISO 27001-certified, GDPR-compliant and developed exclusively in Germany – both now and in the future.

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Formcentric for FirstSpirit is now available. Have questions about FirstSpirit or Formcentric? Get in touch with the team at

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Formcentric is available in three different products. We will answer your questions about the product at any time.