Formcentric Cloud

Formcentric Cloud is a cloud-based, all-in-one form builder that helps you to digitalise your business processes. Our form manager offers a wide range of features to ensure that you get the right information from your users, every time.

How Formcentric Cloud works

With Formcentric Cloud, you use our form manager dynamically on the web. This gives youaccess to your forms and data from anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that theseare always stored on servers in Germany. Thanks to automatic updates, Formcentric Cloud isalways running the latest software. Our flexible payment model reduces your initial upfrontinvestment. Formcentric Cloud grows step in step with your requirements and you only payfor what you need. If circumstances change, you can switch plans at any time to keep Formcentric Cloud in line with your business.

Enterprise Solution

Use our form manager as a customized enterprise solution. We offer you three different cloud services that are specifically tailored to different requirements.

Formcentric Cloud has an integrated headless server
Headless gives you more flexibility

Formcentric Cloud includes an integrated headless server. ‘Headless’ means that the frontend (form) and the backend (the data) are separated from one another. This makes it easy to integrate your Formcentric forms into new channels and platforms. The backend is also quick to extend and modify to suit any new requirements without your team needing to redevelop the entire application. This saves you time and resources.

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