New ways to develop in CoreMedia Studio

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For everyone wanting to take a closer look at developing Studio Apps on the CoreMedia platform, our colleague Oliver Lehmann-Korn has posted another interesting presentation to the CoreMedia User Group.

What’s the focus?

In his presentation New ways to develop in CoreMedia Studio, Oliver introduces the concept of Studio Apps for CoreMedia Content Cloud 12.Studio Apps can be started as standalone applications from within Studio itself and enjoy many technological benefits when it comes to development.This includes making use of modern frameworks such as React or Vue.js during development, as the Ext JS component library is now no longer an exclusive and mandatory requirement.

Oliver explains why Formcentric made the decision to switch from Studio Plugin to Studio App, and the advantages that this new approach offers in both product development as well as projects. In a live demo, he uses the example of the Monaco Markup App to illustrate the practical benefits of Studio Apps.

This App can be started from within CoreMedia Studio itself and enables the real-time synchronisation of all edited content with the WorkAreaService. To display XML markup from CoreMedia content, the App uses the Monaco Editor, which is a popular code editor for Microsoft Visual Studio. Changes are recorded directly via the CoreMedia Unified API. Standard operations like checking content out or in are also possible without having to leave the Studio App.

For everyone who wants to know more and is keen to try out the many options offered by using Studio Apps directly in their CoreMedia Blueprint, the sample application from the demo is available as an open source project on GitHub (

For the second quarterly release, CoreMedia has already announced furtherimprovements relating to Studio Apps plus some additional documentation.

At this year’s Developer Conference on 23 April, Oliver Lehmann-Korn will also be joined by Benjamin Bunzel from Monday Consulting to give a joint presentation on the topic of Studio Apps.

So, as you can see, we think Studio Apps are THE hot topic for CoreMedia Studio in 2024.

Video: New ways to develop in CoreMedia Studio

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