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Capture data in a user-friendly way, automate services, generate leads - with form-centric communication, you can digitise your business processes in minutes.

Formcentric is available now for CoreMedia 11. Formcentric for FirstSpirit will be available in spring 2023 and Formcentric Cloud in autumn 2023.

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Security first with Formcentric

If you’re looking for secure management of your online forms and the data they collect, Formcentric is there for you.

Location Form Manager Germany

Made in Germany

Formcentric is developed in Germany and saves all of its data exclusively on servers located on German territory.

Form Manager DSGVO Compliant


Formcentric comes with the GDPR already built in. You’re always working in line with the latest regulations.

Secure Form Manager

Top security

Formcentric uses a certified information security setup. Our ISO 27001 certification is regularly audited by TÜV NORD.

Editing online forms
Intuitive form creation

The powerful Formcentric editor lets you design your forms exactly as you want them. Create everything from a simple contact form to a set of forms for mapping out your complex business processes. A rich feature set and the user-friendly interface simplify your work at all times.

Check input error
Real-time validation

Don’t leave quality control to chance for your form data. Real-time validation gives you a simple way to verify user input like email addresses, postcodes or IBANs while this data is being entered.

Help with filling out forms
Dynamic forms

Make it easier for your users to complete your forms by deploying forms that respond dynamically to input and hide anything that’s not needed.

Form integration into platforms
Formcentric Headless

Formcentric Cloud includes an integrated headless server. ‘Headless’ means that the frontend (form) and the backend (the data) are separated from one another. This makes it easy to integrate your Formcentric forms into new channels and platforms. The backend is also quick to extend and modify to suit any new requirements without your team needing to redevelop the entire application. This saves you time and resources.

Email routing to evaluate captured form data
Email routing

Use targeted forwarding to send the data entered into the form to the right recipient for analysis.

Analysis of online form data

Data analysis

Analyse the data that you collect using a wide range of filter options in order to quickly find and forward relevant information.

Data protection with double opt-in

Double opt-in

Ensure your organisation stays legally compliant by making sure that you attain user consent before sending them marketing and sales emails.

Create multi-page online forms

Multi-page forms

Transform complex registration or application processes into clearly structured multi-page forms.

Upload files like documents, pictures videos

File upload

Offer your users the option of uploading documents, images and videos.

Upload media in Form Manager


Upload your media and use these in your forms – you can access them at any time straight from the Editor.

Values are added together in the form

Calculated values

Fields can make calculations using the values entered and then update the form dynamically as appropriate.

Formcentric documentations

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